[ad_1] ROTO : ISPO issue LAND APLIKASI , yg tadinya merupakan cost Center karena takut limbah meluap ke sungai sekitar PKS dan konflik vertikal dengan penduduk karena harus di bersihkan dengan alat b




, yg tadinya merupakan cost Center karena takut limbah meluap ke sungai sekitar PKS dan konflik vertikal dengan penduduk karena harus di bersihkan dengan alat berat yg cukup tinggi biaya nya, Skrg menjadi profit Center bagi pihak kebun krn menghemat biaya pupuk yg sangat signifikan SD 70%. Dan juga sesuai prinsip ISPO yg SUSTAINABLE. ( ramah lingkungan ) krn merupakan pupuk cair alami bagi sawit dan bisa mrmperbaiki unsur Hara tanah .


TRAGLOPINDO : Solid Integrated Marketing Technical Team that was already Proven in the market for over two decades.

TRAGLOPINDO : An establishing company with core management team that already experienced and served in Indonesia Market for over two decades. Our main core business was supplying in Industrial Equipment, Machineries and Maintenance Welding products to POM ( Palm Oil Mill ) and various industries.

TRAGLOPINDO : Focus core business in Palm Oil Mill ( POM ), Palm Kernel Crushing Plant ( PKC Plant ), Palm Oil Refinery Plant ( POR Plant ), Crumb Rubber Factory ( CRF Factory ), Crumb Latex Factory ( CL Factory ) in Indonesia. We also served in the Cement Plant, Coal Mines, Pulp & Paper Industry, Contractors and Various Industries.

PT. TRAGLOPINDO UTAMA : Estaablished in Year 2010 for purposed to delivered “Extra Adding Value Products- back up by standby spareparts units, in house training and technical site visit team” to our customer in Indonesia market for becoming more competitive in this globalization era.

PT. TRAGLOPINDO UTAMA : Delivered the Best Service Solution for our valueable Customers and Back Up by Our Trusted Principal.
Company Motto : “Serve You by Sincere Heart – We Serve You With Good Evidence, Not Promised !!!“

– PT. TRAGLOPINDO UTAMA : Strong Philosophy to Maintain Good Relationship and long term bussiness
( We have a strong philosophy to maintain good relationship and long term bussiness with valuable customers and trusted principle that already proven in the market for over two decades)

– PT. TRAGLOPINDO UTAMA : Provide Extra Adding Value Products to the Market
( We provide “Extra Adding Value Product” to the market to let our customer be more competitive for growing and expanding their market )

– PT. TRAGLOPINDO UTAMA : Ready Standby Unit Products and Spare Parts
( We have Ready Standby unit Products and Spare Parts in our Indonesia Ware House units )

– PT. TRAGLOPINDO UTAMA : Provide The Best Service and Technical Field Support
( We provide the best service and Technical Field Support for our clients and partners with solid integrated technical team that was Reliable Proven in the market since its establishment up to now )

PT. TRAGLOPINDO UTAMA : Based on our company Philosophy that want to delivered Long Term Business, guiding by Hard Working and Keeping Our Trust, We slowly but sure Build Our Trust, Connection & Relationship among our Customer & Principal in Indonesia market.
( We believed Indonesia must supported by Extra Adding Value Products that can deliver Benefit to Indonesia Industries in this High Competition Global Era, hence next can benfit Indonesia Civilation )

PT. TRAGLOPINDO UTAMA : A Machineries Industries Supplier Focused in establishing Long Term Business and Trust Among Our Customers and Partners by delivering In house training & on site field technical support as an after sales servise in Indonesia market.
( We Believed Strongest Indonesia Industries will make Strongest Indonesia Country, and next it will bring strongest Indonesia civilation. hence next it will benifitted everybody who lives in Indonesia for sure.
We build trust and care among customers and partner by maintaining long term business relationship among us by sincerity, hardwork, service and keeping trust !!! )

METALIUM : Maintenance Welding Products
XEROD. : Fabrication Welding Products
MAGNUM. : Welding Machines
TITANLUBE : Lubrication Products
ROBUS : Engineered Plastic Bushing
DYNO : Magnnetic Plate
GALAXY SIVTEK : Sivtek Vibro Separator
KIRLOSKAL ( KBL ) : Centrifugal Pumps
ROTO : Progressive Cavity Pumps ( Screw Pumps )
UK CHAINS : Conveyer Chains
KAIDO : Roller Chains
MVANCE : Empty Bunch Press ( EBP ), Empty Bunch Sheredders ( EBS ), Fresh Fruit Bunch Crusher- Splitter ( FFB Crusher- Splitter ), Fresh Fruit Bunch Presser ( FFB Presser ),Kernel Crusching Presser, Filter Press, Hammer MIl, Etc
PELTECH : Filtration Filter Press

Jl. Sabaruddin No 8, simpang Bakaran Batu. Telp./ Fax : +62 61 7321388- 7351836/ 7351636. Kelurahan Sei Renggas Permata – Kecamatan Medan Area. Code post : 20214. Medan, Sumatera Utara, Indonesia

Untuk Artikel & Data lebih lanjut pls kunjungi website Kami di : http://www.traglopindoutama.com

Email: [email protected] dan [email protected]

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